About jogging in Yekaterinburg

As You know the running boom begun in the seventies worldwide.
And in current days it come in the Ural Mountains.
Now every week various competitions are held among fans of jogging.
Therefore if you want to combine travel to Yekaterinburg
with jog … its possible.

europaasia_marathonThe main calendar of competitions is ski66.ru
The greatest distribution was gained by runnings from 10 to 21 km,
And its very frequent in trail kind.
Thriathlons, cycle races are very seldom in calendar.


The price of participation in competitions fluctuates from 10 to 50 dollars depending on
goodness of the organization and time of registration.
Number of people in competitions – from 100 to 3000 (The Europe-Asia Marathon).
If you have arrived to the city and you solve to jog in the morning that you can safety do it.

The main streets in autumn/winter time are well lit, and it is possible to tell
what to jog from 5 – 6 a.m. is safe.
Some danger is constituted by small groups of dogs,
but usually you can visible(heard) them and turn to others way
Also they in general are afraid of courageous people (as a last resort it is possible to throw a stone).
Also in the central districts it is possible to run safely till 10p.m.
But in the morning air is more fresh.

It is safe to run(jog) also the main parks of the city – CPKIO, Zelenaya Rosha etc
The only days when I can not recommend to run its a night after celebration of a City Day.
there is a risk to run near groups of drunk people and they can inadequately to react
to the sports person.

How You can ride a bike, swim in lakes ..it will be in this blog in future.

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